Your FACTS account enables you to create a Tuition Plan that suits your needs and to apply for Indexed Tuition (Financial Aid).

Tuition Plan

All payments can be done through Automatic Bank Draft or Credit Card (Payments made through a credit card are assessed an additional charge).

Annual Payment: Pay full-time tuition in full in August and save $200.

Semi-Annual Payments: Pay full-time tuition in two installments, August and November, and save $100.

Quarterly Payments: Pay in four installments in August, November, February and April.

Monthly Payments: Spread your payments over 10 months, August – May.

Indexed Tuition (Financial Aid)

We recognize that families have differing means and resources available to dedicate towards Christian education, and are committed to making the JRHS educational experience accessible to more families by providing the education for a reduced rate that is indexed to a family’s specific financial situation. This “Indexed Tuition” is our model for tuition affordability at JRHS. While every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and to support the JRHS community, the Indexed Tuition program offers an appropriate tuition level making a Christian education at JRHS more accessible. Any family in need of assistance may apply through FACTS and pay an application fee of $35.

A second potential source of financial assistance is the Children's Scholarship Fund of NH. To be considered, you must apply directly to the Fund through the organization’s web site. The earlier an application is made, the greater the likelihood of award to qualified families. We encourage all families applying for Indexed Tuition at JRHS to also apply to Children's Scholarship Fund.


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