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St. Paul's Catholic School

We are pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans.

St. Paul's Catholic School collects both tuition, fees​ and monthly Extended Day Care payments through FACTS.

If you are an existing FACTS user, and need to make changes to your account, please Sign In.

If you are a new FACTS user, please create an online account and then set up a payment plan.

Enrolling in a FACTS tuition payment plan allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs. The plans listed below are offered by St. Paul's Catholic School. Payment options are subject to change depending on enrollment date.

Monthly Payments: FACTS charge $38.00 per year
Spread your tuition balance over 10 monthly installments, August through May.
Payment Methods Offered: Automatic Bank Draft, Credit Card.

Semi-Annual Payments: FACTS charge $12.00 per year
Pay your tuition in two installments, August and January.
Payment Methods Offered: Automatic Bank Draft, Credit Card.

Payment in Full: FACTS charge $12.00 per year
Pay your tuition balance in full in August.
Payment Methods Offered: Automatic Bank Draft, Credit Card.

Please note, payments made through a credit/debit card are assessed an additional charge for processing.

For more details about the options above, create an online account.

Simple Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan Online:

1. You will first need to create an online account.

2. Then click on the Set Up a Payment Plan link.

3. Select the school year for which you will be paying.

4. Complete the steps as prompted.

Scholarship Information:

If you are applying for a scholarship, St. Paul's Catholic School requires you to apply to STEP UP FOR STUDENT CORPORATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM( first. If you do not qualify for Step Up ​For Students Scholarship, you may request a St. Paul's Scholarship. This is a needs based scholarship. Call school office for more information.

Please be aware that Early Learning C​enter and Prek-4 students are not eligible for Financial Aid.

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