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Please use the 2023-2024 school year FACTS application forms to apply for tuition assistance if your student is either a 2022-2023 transfer student(s) or new to Bosco for 2023-2024. This application is a reporting tool for the tuition assistance committee of St. John Bosco High School to use in determining an award amount and to partner with you in the cost of education for your student. All required documentation must be submitted for FACTS to produce the reports necessary for our committee to determine an award amount. Any missing documentation may result in a delayed response from our committee and or possible denial of your request. The initial application deadline is Friday, 1/20/23. Late applications will be accepted but awards may be delayed. 


You will not need to reapply for future years. Your tuition assistance award will roll over, as long as your tuition payments remain in good standing and your student maintains the GPA requirement for his award. 


Notification of your Tuition Assistance (and or Merit Scholarship) award(s) will be included in your financial contract when it is issued from St. John Bosco High School

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