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Welcome to the FACTS Management Enrollment & Log-In Page for Fairfield Prep’s tuition payments and financial aid applications. 

FACTS administers the following tuition payment plans for Prep using the Automatic Bank Draft payment method:
- Annual – full payment of tuition balance on July 5th
- Semi-Annual – Payment of 50% of tuition balance on
  July 5th and 50% on November 5th;      
-10 Month – payment of tuition balance over 10 months  beginning  July 5th & ending April 5th.

Steps to Enroll in a Tuition Payment Plan
If you are a New FACTS User with Prep, go to New Account and select “Create a username & password” to begin.  Follow the prompts to create your account. Then, click on link to
Set Up a payment Plan and complete the steps as prompted. 

If you have created a FACTS account to apply for Prep Financial Aid, but have not yet set up a tuition payment account, go to “Sign In.” Enter your user name & password, then click Set Up a Payment Plan and complete the steps as prompted.
Your tuition payment account status will remain as “Pending” until late May or early June when it will be finalized and FACTS will send you a confirmation email. 

Although the deadline for 2017-18 financial aid applications has expired, parents may file a late financial aid application (FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment).  Late applications are assigned to the financial aid waiting list and if funds become available, the Financial Aid Committee will activate them for adjudication.  Although there is no certainty that this will happen, parents should file an application for financial aid so that it can be among those considered in the case of renewed availability of funds.  Financial aid is generally not available for a transfer student’s first year at Fairfield Prep.  

If you want to file a financial aid application, but do not have a current Prep FACTS account, go to “New Account” and “Create a user name & password.”  Follow the prompts to complete your account, then click on the link “Start Application” and follow directions.

If you already have a tuition payment account, or have created a user account, go to “Sign In,” enter your existing username & password, then click the link to “Start Application” and complete the steps as prompted.

Deadlines to Apply for Prep’s Financial Aid (Grant & Aid Assessment)
- November 1st:  Deadline for Incoming Freshman, Early Decision
  - November 15th:  Deadline for Incoming Freshman, Regular Decision
  - December 1st:  Deadline for Applicant for Sophomore  Matriculation
  - December 15th:  Deadline for Continuing Student

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