Heritage Classical Academy

Welcome to the Heritage Classical Academy! 

We are pleased to offer this convenient method for selecting the best payment plan option for your student’s tuition through FACTS online tuition management services.

On the following screens, you will be provided with the options Heritage Classical Academy provides for you to pay your student’s tuition. Please note, however, if you have more than one child you can only choose one option to pay for all of your children’s tuition, whether they are in Preschool, at the Study Center, or in the full-time Academy.

If you have any questions concerning how to use this system, please contact FACTS Management Co. at 866-441-4637.

If you have any other questions concerning tuition and the options provided by Heritage Classical Academy, please contact Tiffany Baker at tiffany.baker@heritageclassicalacademy.org.

Once again, welcome to Heritage Classical Academy! We trust this will be an edifying experience for you and your children for years to come.

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