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Simple Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan:

1. If you are an Existing FACTS user, please enter your existing username and password and click “Sign In”. If you are a New FACTS user please select “Create username & password”.

2. Click on the Set Up a Payment Plan link

3. Select the appropriate school year

4. Complete the steps as prompted


Questions & Concerns contact:
FACTS: (866) 412-4637

St. Peter Academy:

Tel: (201) 261-3468   Fax: (201) 261-4316


2022-23 Tuition Payment Plans  (Full, Semi-Annual, Monthly)

·              Pay tuition in Full (1 payment)

Jul 10 or Aug 10th
FACTS Annual Enrollment Fee $15.00 per family

·              Pay tuition Semi-Annually (2 payments)

Jul 10 & Jan 10th
FACTS Annual Enrollment Fee $15.00 per family

·             Choose to spread tuition over 11 or 10 Months
Jul   10 through May 10th  11 installments 

Aug 10 through May 10th   10 installments
FACTS Annual Enrollment Fee $45.00 per family

(FACTS Enrollment Fees are not refundable)


Tuition Rates: https://spare.org/tuition

Payment Methods: No Fee for Bank Draft (debit from your checking or savings account).  2.95% fee for payments using Master Card, Visa or Discover.

Invoicing:  FACTS will email invoices 20 days prior to each payment due date.

Tuition Due date:  The 10th of every monthIf the payment date falls on a weekend or banking holiday observed by the Federal Reserve, the payment will be attempted on the following business day. Although FACTS specifies the date each payment will occur, your financial institution determines the time of day the payment is debited to the account. A payment reminder will be sent two days prior to the due date.

Returned Payment:  $30.00 Returned Payment fee will be charged when payment is returned. Payments are returned for reasons including:  insufficient Funds, a declined credit or invalid expiration dates.

Past due Fee$20.00 Past Due Fee will be charged at the end of the month if payment has not been received by due date on the 10th.

HSA Family Fundraising Obligation:  $650.00.  Please visit www.spare.org/hsa and select the option that better suits you to meet this obligation. One charge per K-8 Parishioner families. There is no fundraising obligation for families with only Pre-K students and for Non-Parishioners.

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