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To sign up for a payment plan please refer to the online payment plan invitation you received from FACTS. This invitation will have instructions for you to enroll in a payment plan.

Please contact FACTS 866-441-4637 or St Clare Catholic Academy at 718-528-7174  if you have any questions.





Step 1: Register your child(ren) in a Catholic Elementary school/academy in Brooklyn or Queens; students who are not registered cannot be considered for tuition assistance.

Step 2: Fill out the online application and submit with required supporting documentation (applicants will be notified of what is required in order to complete the application).

General Information

Futures in Education is proud to provide partial tuition assistance for families demonstrating financial need, and who meet eligibility requirements, to attend a Catholic academy or school in Brooklyn or Queens. We are also a proud partner with Children’s Scholarship Fund, which administers the Teddy J. Forstmann and Bishop’s Scholarship programs.

Please note:

  • Families should complete ONLY ONE APPLICATION (either with Teddy J. Forstmann/Children’s Scholarship Fund OR Futures in Education/FACTS)*.
  • A determination of financial aid eligibility will be made and families will be notified via email.
  • Only one award per student will be granted.
  • There is a non-refundable $40 application processing fee payable by credit card.
  • Teddy J. Forstmann Award Recipients Only: If your child received an award last academic year through the Teddy J. Forstmann program administered by Children’s Scholarship Fund, you will receive an email from Children’s Scholarship Fund with application instructions. 
  • Those who received Teddy J. Forstmann in the previous year, must only reapply with the Teddy J. Forstmann program, through Children’s Scholarship Fund. Do not reapply with Futures in Education.
  • If you have a new sibling starting school and their older sibling was an awarded Teddy Forstmann recipient, add them to your Children’s Scholarship Fund application.
  • Applications for Teddy J. Forstmann are administered by Children’s Scholarship Fund and open in February 2022.
  • All other applicants, please proceed with the Futures/FACTS application (continue reading for instructions).

Who can apply for tuition assistance?

  • Families who have child(ren) registered in a Catholic elementary academy or school in Brooklyn or Queens (Grades K-8), and can demonstrate financial need, may apply.
  • Only completed applications, with all required supporting documentation submitted, will be considered.
  • A new application must be completed every year to be considered for assistance, regardless of whether or not the family has been awarded in the past.
  • If you are not sure whether or not your application is complete, please contact FACTS at 866.441.4637.

Who is eligible?

  • Scholarship awards are assessed on a needs-basis, considering household size and total annual income using the guidelines of the National School Lunch Program
  • Families are required to pay a minimum of 25% of the tuition rate and must be up-to-date with their tuition.
  • Income will be verified to determine eligibility and the family’s ability to contribute toward the tuition.

2022-2023 Income Eligibility Scale

Maximum Income is Based

on the Total 2021 Annual Household Income

House Hold  Size

Total 2021 Maximum Income For Household


Up to $69,680


Up to $87,840


Up to $106,000


Up to $124,160


Up to $142,320


Up to $160,480


Up to $178,640

How are scholarships awarded?

Partial tuition scholarships are awarded up to $3,400 per student, not to exceed 75% of tuition.

Scholarships will be awarded to eligible students based on:

  • Program eligibility and funding availability
  • Income level and Household size
  • Timing of when application is completed (with all required documents submitted)
  • Notifications will be sent to families, via email, on a rolling basis approximately six weeks after completion of the application, beginning after the final deadline of April 30th.
  • Eligible applicants will be awarded until funding is exhausted.
  • The earlier an application is completed, the better the chances are to be awarded, as long as the above criteria is met.

Please Note: Although every effort is made to grant tuition assistance to all those eligible for our programs, we can only grant awards as funding permits. If we are unable to award you, please reach out to the academy or school where your child is registered regarding other options that may be available.

When is the deadline?

Applications are considered completed when all required supporting documents have been submitted.

  • March 31, 2022 – Returning Families who received an award in the previous academic year.
  • April 30, 2022 – New families (students who did not receive an award in previous academic year).

Please Note: After the April 30, 2022 deadline, families will still be permitted to apply for financial aid but priority will be given to families who applied/completed before the April 30th deadline. If funding is exhausted, applicants are encouraged to reach out to the academy or school where their child is registered regarding other options that may be available.

Additional Information:

  • For more information about Futures in Education or our scholarship programs, please visit
  • To learn more about our partner organization, Children’s Scholarship Fund, please visit
  • All information and documentation provided on this form is kept strictly confidential.


Continuing below indicates that you have read and understand that the information provided on this application is true, accurate and complete, and legal proof of income has been provided. You understand that all information on this application will be verified. Any incomplete, missing, false and/or fraudulent information or documentation on this application, missing signatures, refusal to provide adequate/legal proof of income and/or any pertinent information required to process or determine a decision on this application will be cause for automatic denial of a tuition award. You promise to cooperate with requests from Futures in Education and Children’s Scholarship Fund to obtain additional student information, including, but not limited to: a current photo, essays from the child(ren) and correspondence to funders of the scholarship programs.

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