Friends School of Wilmington

Welcome Friends!

If this is your first time using the FACTS Tuition Management system to make tuition payments or apply for Tailored Tuition,  you will need to create a new account and log in.

If you have previously made payments through FACTS or applied for Flexible Tuition, please log in using your existing account.

Note:  this is a different and separate log in than the one you use for the Family Portal.

How to set up a tuition payment plan:

Once you log in, you will see a Welcome page.  Follow the prompts to choose your tuition payment plan.

 - Families who prefer to pay their tuition in full will select the Full Payment Plan option.

 - Families who prefer to spread out their tuition payments will select the Monthly Payment Plan.

Note that grandparents and others who may provide tuition support to your family can be invited to create their own account and link it to yours (no banking information is shared).


How to apply for Tailored Tuition

Log in above to access your home page of the FACTS Tuition Management system and click the link to begin FACTS Grant and Aid Application.  Provide the information requested and upload any requested documents.

Currently enrolled families will receive priority consideration provided they complete the application process by February 6, 2024.  Applications received after that date will be considered along with new applicants.

New families may apply at any time, but applications will not be considered until after February 6, 2024.  Be aware that delays in completing your application may put your student's (re)enrollment at risk and you may be required to submit additional payments of $100 per month toward the non-refundable deposit in order to retain your student's enrollment position.

When tailored tuition has been determined, you will receive an email with a link to review and accept or decline the tuition.  Should you accept the tailored tuition, your payment will be automatically updated to reflect the new amount, the payments due recalculated, and a confirming email sent to you.

NOTE:  Families who meet the eligibility requirements for the NCSEAA Opportunity Scholarship  and/or Education Student Accounts (ESA+) programs should apply for those programs as FSW's 'tailoring' will take these resources into consideration.

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.