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Welcome to St. Edward High School

If you are an Existing FACTS user, please Sign In and select school year 2022-2023 to apply for 'Financial Aid'.

If you are a New FACTS user, please create an online account and then select the corresponding school year 2022-2023 to apply for 'Financial Aid'.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Application:

  • All Current Families & Perspective Transfer Families must upload their 2021 Completed Federal Return.
  • 2021 Federal Tax Returns are required in order to be considered for Diocesan Aid: Upload by March 1st for Round 1, May 15th for Round 2
  • Incoming Freshmen Class of 2026: submit your 2020 Complete Federal Tax Return and supporting documents by November 26th. ** Please note: If starting the FACTS application after February 1st 2021, you will need your 2021 Tax Documents. 
  • Current Families and Perspective Transfer Families: submit your 2021 Complete Federal Tax Return and supporting non taxable documents by April 15th. **
  • Families Filing Tax Extensions: Must start the Facts application before April 15th and upload their 2021 W2's or 1099 Misc Wages. Additionally, you will need to upload your Completed 2021 Federal Tax Returns as soon as they become available prior to October 15th 2022.  Please note: St. Edward High School will not award financial aid until all tax returns have been submitted to FACTS.
  • Questions regarding the FACTS application: Please contact FACTS Customer Support at 866-441-4637 for assistance.

** Late applications will be accepted past this date, however, awards can be impacted or lowered due to the number of families requesting aid. 

The Cleveland Diocese:

Please Note: The Cleveland Diocese utilizes the FACTS application to provide need based assistance in addition to the financial aid provided by private schools.  The Diocese will award assistance only to applications in a verified status. This will require All Families (both Current and Incoming), to file their Completed 2021 Federal Tax Return for the school year 2022-2023 prior to the DTA deadlines. Failure to submit the completed documents by the deadlines set forth by the Diocese  Round 1 March 15th, Round 2 June 1st will not be considered. **Please note that all documents take up to 2 weeks to process. In order to make the deadlines, please upload by March1st and May15th

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