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Roncalli Catholic High School


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If you hope to qualify for Archdiocese High School Tuition Assistance, you must complete your application by February 28, 2018. More information is available from Roncalli's Business Office at 402-571-7670 ext 109.

Your FACTS Assessment results will automatically be submitted to the Archdiocese by Roncalli's Business Office if you qualify.  If you qualify for assistance through the Archdiocese and miss the deadline, Roncalli may reduce the amount of assistance set aside for your student from the School's funds

If families have any questions regarding enrollment, please contact T.J. Orr at 402-571-7670 ext 103, or email at

If families have any questions regarding tuition plans, please contact Diane Lamb at 402-571-7670 ext. 109 or email at

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