Redeemer Lutheran School


We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to enroll in a payment plan with FACTS Management for Redeemer Lutheran School and Early Childhood Center.  Early Childhood plans are listed as “PK”.  Redeemer Lutheran School plans begin with “KBR-8 Tuition”.  Before/After Care Plans start with “KBR-8: Before/After School Care”.       

How many plans do I need?

1. Just Early Childhood (PK) or just Redeemer Lutheran School (KBR – 8th) student(s) – you only need 1 payment plan

2. Combination of Early Childhood and Redeemer Lutheran School students – you need 2 payment plans

3. Redeemer Student(s) plus Before/After Care – you need 2 payment plans

4. Early Childhood, Redeemer Lutheran School, AND Before/After Care – you need 3 payment plans

You will need to set up one payment plan at a time. 

Redeemer Lutheran School families (KBR – 8th Grade) should select a tuition plan while completing the online enrollment paperwork.  Before/After Care plans can be selected at this time as well.  Preschool plans will be set up during the preschool enrollment window.

If you have any questions, please call:

Redeemer Lutheran School: (512) 451-6478
Redeemer Early Childhood or Before/After School Care: (512) 459-3015
FACTS Management Co. Toll Free: (866) 441-4637 


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