Linfield Christian School

Welcome to Linfield Christian School FACTS Portal!

Linfield Christian utilizes FACTS for:

1.       Tuition Payment Plans and Management

2.       Tuition Assistance Needs Assessment

Both services use a single login. If you are new to Linfield Christian School, you must create a new user account.

Tuition Accounts for Newly Accepted Students/Families:

Note: If you have students currently enrolled at Linfield Christian and are enrolling a new sibling, you do NOT need to create a new FACTS account/login. Your new student will be added to your current account and selected payment plan.

FACTS Tuition Management allows families to select a payment plan that best suits their financial needs.

A few important points:

1.       All families enrolling at Linfield Christian must have an active FACTS tuition & fees account. New student/family enrollment is not complete until the tuition payment plan and payment methods are complete.

2.       Monthly, Semi-Annual, and Payment in Full options are available. Monthly and Semi-Annual plans have a per-payment charge. Monthly and Semi-Annual plans may not be available depending on enrollment date. Please call 951-676-8111, ext. 1412, for more information.

3.       There is a setup fee charged by FACTS for each family, based on the selected payment plan.

4.       Families may choose to pay by Automatic Bank Draft or Credit Card. Payments made through a credit card are assessed an additional charge for processing.

Applying for Financial Aid/Tuition Assistance (for potential, new, and currently enrolled students):

We know that affording a quality, Christian education can be financially challenging for many families.

Whether you are new to Linfield Christian and not sure you can make it work, or you are a current family who is experiencing financial challenges, we encourage you to apply for tuition assistance. Our Tuition Assistance Committee meets regularly to consider all tuition assistance applications.

1.       Potential students/families: You may apply for tuition assistance before applying for admission to Linfield Christian, but if you have not yet connected with our Admissions team, please call 951-676-8111 Ext. 1402 or email We’d love to get to know you!

      (Note: After you create your FACTS account, you will be given two options - 1) Payment Plan and Billing - Set Up a Payment Plan and 2) FACTS Grant & Aid - Start Application. Please select option 2 for the FACTS Grant & Aid - Start Application only).

 2.       New students/families: Whether you are in the admissions process, or have completed your enrollment steps, you are welcome to apply for tuition assistance. If you have any questions, please call or email.

3.       Current families: Thank you for your commitment to a quality, Christian education for your students! Please call or email with any questions.


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