Gonzaga Preparatory School


Gonzaga Prep families use FACTS Tuition Management to:

  •          Apply For Fair Share Tuition
  •          Make Tuition Payments

Click “Sign In” if you already have a FACTS account. Click “Create your Account” if this is your first time using FACTS.

Gonzaga Prep uses FinalSite for enrollment/re-enrollment.  Please login to https://gprep.schooladminonline.com/portal.  Contact the Gonzaga Prep Treasurer’s Office if you need assistance accessing FinalSite or if you need to make changes to your payment plan after setup.

The following payment plans are available to meet families’ financial circumstances:

  • Annual (August)
  • Semiannual (August and January)
  • Quarterly (August, October, January and March)
  • 10-Month Payment Plan (August through May)
  • 12-Month Payment Plan (July through June)


  1. Click the START Application button under FACTS Grant & Aid.
  2. Select the appropriate school year.
  3. Complete all application questions.
  4. Upload requested tax and income verification documents.
  5. The Gonzaga Prep Tuition office will contact you to schedule an appointment with a Fair Share facilitator after your application has been verified by FACTS.

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.