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St. Mary Cathedral School System

Welcome to the FACTS Login Portal. 


DO NOT set up your payment plan outside of the Online Enrollment packet. Your FACTS tuition payment plan MUST be set-up as part of the Online Enrollment process through your ParentsWeb/RenWeb login (if you set-up your tuition payment plan separate from the OE packet, OE will not allow you to "submit" your packet to the school). While completing your packet, ParentsWeb will direct you to this page; after you have completed setting up your payment agreement, FACTS will redirect you BACK to your OE packet in ParentsWeb.
To begin your child(ren)'s enrollment packet(s), go to and login to your ParentsWeb account. Select 'Family Information' located on the left side under your name, then 'Enrollment/Reenrollment'. One of the steps in the packet will be to set up your tuition payment plan in FACTS. 

For additional information, g
o to and click on the 'Online Enrollment Packet' tab to learn more.


To complete the requirements to be considered for financial aid/tuition scholarships, you can still login directly to your FACTS account.
Questions?  Contact Tina Makarewicz at 989.732.5801 (school) or 989.705.3562 (parish office).​


FACTS offers St. Mary Cathedral School families: 

  • Tuition Payment Plans within the FACTS Tuition Management System
  • Scholarship Financial Needs Assessment
    The Scholarship Financial Needs Assessment is only for students entering Kindergarten - 12th grade. Tuition Angel Scholarships are NOT available for Preschool and Young 5 students.


Every school family is REQUIRED to have a FACTS account AND select a tuition payment plan each school year. 

St. Mary Cathedral School Tuition Rates can be found on the school website at under the admissions tab.   

Enrolling in a FACTS tuition payment plan allows each family to select a payment option that best suits their financial situation; FACTS then communicates this information with St. Mary School so they may budget accordingly for the school year.

IMPORTANT:  It is the responsibility of each family to communicate with the school immediately should a situation arise that directly effects the family's ability to adhere to their agreed upon tuition payment plan.  

Contact Tina Makarewicz with any questions regarding managing your tuition and/or payment plans, as well as with Scholarships/Financial Assistance.
School: 989.732.5801; Parish Office: 989.705.3562 (direct)


The following options are currently offered through FACTS by St. Mary Cathedral School.
Depending on your enrollment date, each plan may not always be offered.  

PAYMENT IN FULL (made at the beginning of the school year):
FACTS Enrollment Fee:  $0
Available Payment Process Dates: 5th,15th,or 20th (July, August or September)

FACTS Enrollment Fee:  $20 
Available Payment Process Dates: 5th,15th,or 20th (starts July-December) 

FACTS Enrollment Fee:  $30 
Available Payment Process Dates: 5th,15th,or 20th (starts July, August or September)

FACTS Enrollment Fee:  $45 
Available Payment Process Dates: 5th,15th,or 20th (July-June)

FACTS is a quick, secure method for making your tuition payments.  
Payments can be set-up through: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft, Invoice

PLEASE NOTE:  payments made through a credit card are assessed an additional charge for processing.

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