Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island


We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to apply for Financial Aid through FACTS for Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island.

Simple Steps to Apply for Financial Aid Online

1. Choose “Create a username & password”.  If you have an existing FACTS account and have already created a user account, please select "Sign In" and use your existing username and password.

2. Click on the "Start Application" link.

3. Select the appropriate school year.

4. Complete the steps as prompted.

Once the application has been submitted make sure to print the provided Coversheet that shows all the required documents needed to complete your application.  We suggest you do not use your phone to photo copy documents as they usually come across as unreadable.  Please allow 2 weeks processing time after you have faxed or uploaded your supporting tax documents.

NOTE:  In order to qualify for UJA funds you must submit the 201​8 Tax Return (2 pages) and required Schedules C, E, F, all household 201​8 W-2's along with all the 2018 business returns - Form 1065 (5 pages), Form 1120S (5 pages), Schedule K-1 and Form 8825.  If you do not file a tax return you MUST provide documentation for income received.

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.