Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School

Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School

STEMS are pleased to offer FACTS Payment Plans along with Grant & Aid Financial Needs Assessment on the same platform. Please follow below steps to complete registration with FACTS and/or apply for Financial Aid




·       Creating a user account


1.  Insert your email address.

2.  Fill in your full name, address, email and phone numbers of both Guardians.

3.  Create a username and password for your account.

4.  Set up phone security questions.

5.  Hit submit, this will take you to your user account profile.


·        Setting up a Payment Plan

1. Click on the “
Set Up a Payment Plan” link – begin.
2. Select next button after confirming personal information.
3. Click on
“Add student” and fill out student(s) name and grade

4. Choose a payment plan best suited to your financial needs.

If you would like to view the plans offered by your school please review the information below (Depending on the start and end date of each plan, they may not always be offered.)

Monthly Payments:
Spread your tuition balance over monthly installments.
Payment Methods Offered: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft

Semi-Annual Payments:
Pay your tuition in two installments.
Payment Methods Offered: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft

Payment in Full:
FACTS is a quick, secure method for paying your tuition balance in full.
Payment Methods Offered: Credit Card, Automatic Bank Draft

(Please note, payments made through a credit card are assessed an additional charge for processing.)


5. After choosing your suited payment plan, you may add either card information or your bank account information depending on your choice you may then select a preferred start payment date to begin your schedule.


6. Follow the steps below to apply for financial aid/ grants




Applying for Financial Aid/ Grants


1.    After logging into your User Account, click on “Start Application” under the FACTS Grants & Aid tab

2.    Choose the appropriate school year.

3.    Read through the “What to Except” Page and then click “View Application” at the bottom of the page.

4.    Fill out the application with accurate info pertaining to your living and financial situation.

5.    A $40 non-refundable payment will be requested at the end of the application to submit it.


The Board members of Salah Tawfik will then view your application in a timely matter and determine the amount allocated to you depending on the information stated.


Thank you for choosing Salah Tawfik.

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