Welcome!  The Habersham School is pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to enroll for your Payment Plan and Apply for Tuitions Assistance with FACTS. 

Enrolling in a FACTS tuition payment plan allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs. The plans listed below are offered by ​your school:  

Monthly Payments
Semi-Annual Payments
Payment in Full

*Payment methods vary per plan; ACH, Credit Card and Invoice

Please note, payments made through a credit or debit card are assessed an additional charge for processing.   

Steps to enroll in a Payment Plan or apply for Tuition Assistance online: 

1. Choose "Create a username & password". If you have an existing FACTS account and have already created a user account, please select "Sign In" and use your existing username and password.

2. Click on the "Set up a Payment Plan" link or "Start Application" link.

3. Select the appropriate school year. Multiple years may be open at once for Tuition Assistance.

4. Complete the steps as prompted.

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.