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Harlem School of the Arts

Welcome to ​Harlem School of the Arts!

We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to apply for financial aid through FACTS.

Below please see tuition pricing for the FULL YEAR GROUP CLASSES OFFERED FOR THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR.

Music, Theatre, Dance

30-60 min: $785; 75-90 min: $872; 120 min: $1035

Ensembles: $500

Art and Design

45-60 min: $830; 90 min: $915; 120 min: $1080 

Simple Steps to Apply for Financial Aid Online:

1. Choose “Create a user name and password”

2. Then click on the Start Application link.

3. Select the appropriate school year.

4. Complete the steps as prompted.

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