Lutheran North Middle School

Welcome! Lutheran North Middle School is pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to apply for financial aid through FACTS. 

Thank you for participating in the Lutheran North Middle School financial assistance process! To complete your application, you will need personal information for each family member including birth date and Social Security Number, as well as your most recent tax returns and W-2s or 1099s, if applicable.

If you have any questions while you are applying, you can call the Customer Service number listed on each page and the people there will gladly assist you. You are also welcome to contact Melody Perkins, Financial Aid Coordinator for help at 314-833-2964 or You may bring documents to Lutheran North Middle School to be scanned and uploaded if you don't have another way to scan them. Please, save your User ID and password; you will need them each time you log in.

When your application is COMPLETE, you will get a notification via email. Once your child(ren)'s acceptance to Lutheran North Middle School is complete, we can use the information from FACTS to award your financial aid.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid: 

1. If you have an existing account with FACTS, please enter your existing username and password and click Sign In. If you are a new FACTS user, please select Create a username & password to get started. 

2. Then click on the Start Application button. 

3. Select the appropriate school year. 

4. Complete the steps as prompted. 

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.